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Pinky Redd Energy Drinks & The Essence of Pinky Redd Energy Drinks
The Drinks That Gives You Life When You Need It. Contains vitamins B6 & B12, 27g of sugar, 110 calories and some caffeine. Taste great and mixes well with Vodka and Tequila. You go up naturally and come down naturally no crash. Drink responsibly.

$3 a can for 8.4 fl. oz

'Support Small Businesses Today. Order a 6 pack receive 1 free plus 1/2 off your shipping. Today only 11/26/17 Sale ends at 11:59 pm. All orders will ship Monday. PayPal invoice will be sent for a safe and secure payment. Email us at iampinkyredd@gmail.com Thank you!!! Website launching 1/1/17.'
'Watching the vision come to life. The Pinky Redd Energy Drinks. The Drinks That Give You Life When You Need It. Get You Some. To place an order email iampinkyredd@gmail.com today just $3 plus s/h. Thank you for your continuous support. Website launching soon www.pinkyredd.com'
Move over other energy drinks. The Pinky Redd Energy Drinks are taking over. Yes they mix great in Tequila and Vodka. They are also great alone for that extra push you may need. It has vitamins B6 and B12, yes it contains some sugar and caffeine. No crash and it taste great.
For more information or to place an order email iampinkyredd@gmail.com  

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